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What if someone walked into surgery and awoke quadriplegic never having been warned of this risk? What if they not only survived but also endured the horrors ...
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After acquiring his disability, Brian fled from his freezing home in Minnesota for the warmer climes of New Mexico where he met and worked with Mark Medoff, ...
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The Squeaky Wheel — An Unauthorized Autobiography, is my story of waking from surgery at the age of 24, paralyzed from the neck down. What if someone ...
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If every man has a story, then Brian Shaughnessy's story is a multi-act theatrical extravaganza. A performer with self-described “pitch black“ humor, ...
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Brian Shaughnessy gives the Top 10 Reasons to go to law school in his 1999 University of Hawaii Law School Graduation Speech.
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Brian Shaughnessy In 1983 Brian Shaughnessy walked into surgery and awoke paralyzed – never having been warned of the risk of becoming a quadriplegic.
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*Pictured: Brian Shaughnessy and George O'Hanlon Jr. Quantcast.

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Lawyer Finds Fringe Success
By Tiffiny Carlson
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June 2011

If every man has a story, then Brian Shaughnessy’s story is a multi-act theatrical extravaganza. A performer with self-described “pitch black“ humor, Shaughnessy is also a playwright, founder of Open Door Theater (which produces plays by, for and about people with disabilities), husband, father, late-in-life lawyer, and widower. His life was in fact ... 



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Pacific Partnerships in Disability & Diversity Studies (PPDDS)

Project Overview

The DDS Project is a minority leadership training program which provides support to leadership trainees (post-master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral students) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to complete disability and diversity studies as an integral part of doctoral studies in Education, Social Work, Psychology, Public Health and related disciplines. Trainees will gain advanced knowledge and leadership development to support improved programs and practices for students with disabilities in the multi-cultural contexts of the Pacific Region. DDS Project trainees are responsible for completing a minimum of 15 semester credits of core course work (one course per semester), specialty courses, and internship or research in disability studies. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents with demonstrated background in basic knowledge of disabilities and/or experience with people with disabilities.

All classified post-masterís, doctoral and post-doctoral students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in education, human services, health and related disciplines with career goals to serve children and youth in special education and related services are considered. Students of under-represented minority groups, including Pacific Islanders, Hawaiian/Part-Hawaiian, and Filipino students are given priority.


  • Ho‘oponopono Educators Curriculum
  • Undergraduate Course for incoming freshman with a disability
  • International Disability & Diversity Studies Institute 2002 Scholar Papers
  • Journal Articles by PPDDS Trainees
  • Video by Brian Shaughnessy